Over two decades of
successful products


A reputation for seeing the next trend first, we source the world’s finest materials,creating accessories that complement brands, enhance collections and build sales. Take a look.


Working with our partners we develop bags of all types from Wheeled to Fashion bags. Designed by our experienced team we ensure that all details fit to the exacting standards and requirements of the brands we support.


Backed by dedicated headwear factories we are able to Design and supply some of the most innovative headwear options, using high quality fabrics, trims and inventive branding applications in the fashion market.

Leather Goods

Partnering with Leather specialists we design and develop Leather products that are unique to our Partner brands and achieve the individuality, quality and finishing that all major brands demand.


We provide a highly experienced design team that have a great understanding of the Athletic Footwear Market to provide footwear that is both aesthetically considered and current to the market trends.


Supported by Professional knitting factories, we are able to source the high quality yarns, that achieve the great hand feel and price which allows the brands we work with to be leading brands in the knitted market place.