How we do it

Experience, expertise and
a gift for great design

How we do it

At Grant International we work the way our clients need us to work.
Here’s a quick spin through what we do and how we do it.


Fashion fast forward

Always looking for the next big thing

The UK Young Fashion Market is a very fast moving industry and as one of the UK’s premium suppliers, Grant International are continually developing new processes and techniques to ensure that we offer our customers the latest innovation and techniques, to ensure that their accessory and footwear collections are always fresh and on trend.

Insipration is everywhere

The Grant International Design team travel regularly to some of the best Cities in the World for Fashion, looking for new ideas. The graffiti in New York, a window in Korea, the pattern of sunlight on a wall… something starts our creative juices flowing. Next thing you know, the idea becomes the clasp that turns a bag into a retail success.

Your brand is our brand

We think in brands. Everything we create and design is part of that client’s brand, expressing the spirit of the company, the secret of its appeal to customers.


Right first time and every time

Quality without compromise

Design is about what to make, manufacture is about how we make it. How we gear up our factories to make sure every item meets your and your customers’ expectations. So you can be confident it will arrive at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right price, to the right quality. The people we work with aren’t interested in compromise.

Detail is key

Perfect stitching on a cap. The precise length of the prong on a brass belt buckle. The width of the brim on a fedora… We never forget that every detail of every item we create and supply will have your label on it. It must reflect the quality and style you stand for. Think of us as your brand guardian with great experience of the industry.


With you every step of the way

We're never fashionably late

From providing CAD visuals, samples and prototypes to processing orders efficiently and delivering on time, we’re the accessories partner you can depend on to deliver at every stage.

Delivery: where do you want it

Great design and workmanship are pointless unless the products arrive in your stores or warehouses promptly and in the right quantity. They will.

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